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Rabbit Whole Grain Feed Conditioning Supplement

Rabbit Whole Grain Feed Conditioning Supplement

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** Whole Grain Conditioning Supplement for Rabbits !! **

We have been hand blending this conditioning supplement for around 20 years! Containing a mixture of whole grains, seeds and vitamins. An excellent aid for conditioning show or breeding rabbits, or a healthy enjoyable treat for pet bunnies. Our bunnies have always loved their conditioner! This supplement aided in conditioning our Holland Lop bunnies for the local and national level of shows and competition.

1 gallon Ziploc size.

** BONUS!! Contains the supplement Dr. Cheeke's YQ+ !! From the KING Feed Website regarding Dr. Cheeke's YQ+ :
"Using a multi-targeted G/I approach, YQ+ provides fast, effective relief for a variety of digestive, respiratory and reproductive issues. A highly effective blend of natural ingredients may be used daily to maintain optimal health or temporarily to manage the effects of a disruptive event.

Use as a preventative strategy for: stress management due to traveling, showing, breeding, recovery from illness (stimulates appetite and provides additional calories)
digestive disruption due to dietary changes.
Diarrhea and weight loss are common indicators of stress, the addition of YQ+ to the daily diet will quickly target the problem areas in the gut and provide rapid relief.
In litter bearing animals, the use of Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+ may reduce stillbirth and improve mortality rates of new borns. May be used on all livestock (except sheep), horses, rabbits and poultry. "

We sell this mostly in a 1 gallon ziploc, other sizes on request.

Your rabbits will come running for Binky B's conditioning mix!!
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